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Matt Hires • Heartache Machine

A musical short illustrating the titular single from Matt Hires's new EP, Heartache Machine. Truth be told, Matt is Eric's brother, and it doesn't get any more fun than working with family.

Directors • Drew Miller & Eric Hires
Starring • Stefan Price
Director of Photography • Dustin Miller
1st AC • Trey Edwards

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Jack Spade • Now For Then

Short Film for Jack Spade's Spring/Summer 2014 Collection, Directed by the face of it all, Mikey DeTemple.

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Anberlin • Dead American

For the Rock & Rollers known as Anberlin + Big Three Records
Vevo Here

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Volvo + Westerlind

For Volvo Cars USA + Westerlind
Directed • Dustin Miller
Starring • Dominick Volini + Rob Kulisek + Ty Williams

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Home Depot

Edelman Agency for Home Depot

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Logitech : Urban Ears

Web Campaign for Logitech

Team Average

Monster Children

Baron Wells

Campaign for Baron Wells

35 Seconds : Short Stories From Haiti

Independently Produced Documentary

Quiksilver x Dane Reynolds

Campaign for Quiksilver Boardshorts

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Our Story

The pictures are in motion, and this Club wants to move you. We are four dudes from St. Augustine, Florida who adventure to scrape the marrow from life’s bone. The end result may be a collection of moving images, but it is the energy that bleeds from every aspect of production that truly yields a singular vision. From articulating the vision on paper, gathering a grip of collaborators, diving deep into the sea to capture the fleeting moment, we will adventure together to realize your project with a radical nuclear enthusiasm.

Our harmony of unique personal backgrounds, and resources enables Team Club to excel in situations where a total, and totally unique solution is needed. From our relationships, to cameras, to the delivery of the final image, Team Club exists to tell your story.

Concept • Design • Production • Post

Club Team

  • Trey Edwards
    Writer / Director / Artist

    Trey has amazing hair and girls with French names. He’s 4th generation Daytona Beach but escaped to attend NYU. The Big Apple didn’t suit him though, Florida runs too deep in his veins.

    Trey is the creative genius of the club; everything he touches turns to quirky gold. A human Swiss Army knife, he always dresses rad and has a special eye for seeing oddity in the everyday going-ons of life. It’s somewhat hard not to have a man crush on him.

  • Eric Hires
    Producer / Director / Editor

    Eric never went to public school until college, but even that was private.  He is super normal and muscular.

    Actually, he's not normal…he builds his own walls for climbing mountains, treks into the wilderness at a moment's notice, and sails the seas with his dog named Blue - on his steezy vessel; The Frances Agnes.

    He'll do anything to get the shot, probably the hardest working dude you'll meet.  He's a producer slash director with an incredible eye.  Eric is a wild stallion of a man.

  • Drew Miller
    Camera Operator / Editor

    Drew's on a movie a day program, and he calls it "research". A twin, and identical at that. He loves surfing, skating, randomly falling asleep, and having no bad days. Youngest of the club, but the longest hair.

    A true workhorse behind the lens, Drew will shoot all day long then go straight into the editing room. Drew is inspired by ping-pong, other people’s surfboards, The Gonz, and dude lights.

  • Dustin Miller
    Director of Photography

    Dustin met his woman on AOL instant messenger back when it was cool, kind of. They now wrangle four kids and have adventures every day. He has followed the best surfers to the best waves in the world, telling their stories and getting swine flu quarantined in Tahiti. “Sleep is for quitters,” says Dust. He wakes up before dawn to go catch bass on a fly rod, and gets home in time to make bottles, and prep the grommets for schooltime. He’s a self proclaimed camera nerd, yet his cinematography is far from nerdy. His eye and knack for capturing humanity can’t be taught.

    Representation by Massif Management

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